River Dreams 2015
We were approached by Sarah Lewis, the Public Art Officer for Rockhampton River Festival in 2015 to create something eye catching for the festival. After aZt (Adam) was shown a small video clip that Sarah had on her smartphone of Vivid Sydney, he quickly responded without hesitation that we could produce and present something very similar. 

The resulting video projections definitely spoke for themselves, 11 projections spread across the festival site, wowing patrons of the festival non-stop from sundown until festival close each night. We are extremely proud to have played in the success of the Rockhampton River Festival 2015 and look forward to more opportunities in this area.
Above: Video edit of the highlights of River Dreams 2015
Above: River Dreams Logo Design
Above: River Dreams 2015 website design

Below: Small Social Media videos from various locations of the video projections
Above: Images uploaded to various social media accounts during the festival
Above: Part of the proposal inlcuded hosting a workshop and creating an online submission portal to inspire community involvment

Below: All the concept videos from the original proposal

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